Nick and Arcelia Dove

Meet Your Master Licensees

We are a successful personal and business partnership team, with over 20 years of experience coaching Franchise Partners and businesses to success, using the springboard of the World’s #1 Business Coaching Firm, ActionCOACH.

We were founding members for Action Europe, starting the Greater Metropolitan London (UK) territory. London became one of the most successful territories in the Action world with extraordinary income growth. This attracted the attention of Brad Sugars, Action’s founder & owner, with whom we negotiated to buy back London to create a franchise model for Europe.

This allowed us to return to our 30 year home in Miami where we enjoy the unparalleled South Florida lifestyle, to create similar success. After buying Miami-Dade, we went on to buy South Florida, then Central Florida, and North Florida, and finally Georgia, currently owning the largest independent Master Licence territory in the USA. 

Our mission is to build a winning team of Franchise Partners capable of truly impacting over 20,000 businesses over the next 5 years, and creating over 200 millionaires. Our goal is increasing income levels across the whole community, by coaching Franchise Partners and business clients how to generate continuous income so that everyone has enough and the local business landscape transforms.

What inspired me to become a business coach?

My name is Nick Dove, and I have been with ActionCOACH together with my wife and partner Arcelia, for the last 15 years. As the Master Licensee for Florida & Georgia. My view is that in any business, the first thing you want to look for in any business is...the Vision - "does it have vision?"..."is that compatible with mine?"

Unfortunately most businesses do not have a vision, and for those that do...the vision tends to be framed on the wall but nobody really looks at it. It's part of the what if ActionCOACH is a network of business coaches who really embrace our mission and vision? What if they really live it?

We are all dedicated to the implementation of the vision. In my view, our vision speaks fully for all our coaches. This vision speaks to them and I wonder if it speaks to you too.

What is the vision? Well simply put it is...

"World Abundance through Business Re-education."

So here’s the thing ... I think we can agree there is not enough abundance in the world. The world is really grounded in scarcity thinking ... World conflict, business conflict, political conflict, conflict within the office, conflict at home… “beat the other guy”, “just get ahead whatever it takes”, “stab in the back”... we defined the world as a zero sum game. 

This is true professionally as well as generally in life. At ActionCOACH, we think at the end of the day, that that’s just a bad business strategy. “Win/Lose”. And it hasn’t done that well for most of most of us over the last many decades. The business failure rate is 80% within 5 years, and for the 20% remaining, another 80% fail within 10 years. 

When we go into a business, what we are really looking for is to create a framework of abundance, and if you conduct your business with a “Win/Win” attitude instead of “Win/Lose”, you’re going to make it sustainable in the long term. If you know how to generate income, you won’t have to choose between your bottom line vs your employees or your customers. 

This is really about “are people ready to embrace win/win? Are they ready to embrace abundance?” 

And they will only be ready to embrace it if they have ‘enough’. The only reason people are driven to scarcity thinking is because they don’t have enough. They have to fight for what they need and want. Now at the basis of all this, what we mean by ‘enough’, that’s enough income. Cash is always king. 

And the challenge about income is that most income is generated by businesses...Business is the ideal vehicle, it was invented for that. And the challenge with business is that the vast majority of businesses are being run by people that do not know how to run a business and therefore are not generating adequate income. 

And it’s that simple. And it’s happening all over the world. So our belief is we have to re-educate those businesses. Re-educate them on the fundamentals of business, on what makes businesses tick, on what generates income in a business...predictably. So that “needs” and “wants” become things of the past. 

And as more and more businesses do that, then the whole business area and local community will be able to move to a more abundant mentality as incomes in the whole community increase. And at ActionCOACH, we are committed to achieving that. In every community where we have coaches, they are doing just that. They are transforming the economic landscape and shifting mental attitudes. 

Abundance will follow if everyone has enough income. But we need to re-educate our local businesses so that they can learn how to generate an abundance of income for themselves. 

We are doing this in over 1,000 global communities where we have coaches, with over 200 coaches on our team in North America and about 20 in FL&GA - but we need many more coaches in order to shift the needle toward World Abundance. We believe that we will and that is why we are talking to great people like you. 

We want you to join our community so you can join the work of re-educating business owners in your community on how to run their business properly and how to generate income predictably. 

When you do this, you will also transform your own life. Because what you teach your clients you will also be able to apply in your own business! You will create a lasting legacy and live a great life of abundance yourself and for your family. 

Strike a chord? Does that sound enjoyable? Something you would love doing? 

If so... we invite you to enter our Discovery Process, a 1-month trial of us interviewing you and you reviewing us as a potential franchisee … speaking with our coaches, sharing your life and business goals, visiting our offices here in magical Miami or in exciting Las Vegas for a Discovery Day, exploring our Toolbox and our Training …  

Are you ready to start?

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