Become a Business Coach

Your Future with ActionCOACH …

The decision to become an ActionCOACH will absolutely change your life. We know ActionCOACH will allow you to dream bigger, have you make a real positive impact in your community, give you the opportunity to join the world’s leading team of business coaching and increase your business knowledge beyond the imaginable … And only you can make the decision, if this is the right fit for you. So what happens from here?

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Step 1: Discovery Call

This first step helps to understand your situation and discuss our business model and culture to see if there might be a good fit.

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Step 2: Model Review Call

On this call we share more details about what we do, who we work with, the products we sell and how you can develop multiple streams of income as an ActionCOACH. We look at your life goals, why people start their own businesses, and how these can be funded. 

Step 3: DISC/Toolbox Tour

Here’s where we look at your behavioral profile in the context of what we do, and show you the systems, tools and marketing assets within the ActionCOACH IP knowledge base. 

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Step 4: Due Diligence

Review our Franchise Disclosure Documents and Agreements, and on your next call we answer all of your questions about it. At this stage you submit your Franchise Application, and will receive Business Planning and Cash Flow spreadsheets about the model. 

Step 5: Partner Calls

You get the opportunity to speak directly to our franchise owners for their experience and advice, as well as a call with our CEO. 

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Step 6: Discovery Day

Discovery Day is when you get together, either virtually or live, with our Las Vegas Global Team and a few other Franchise Partners. You learn a little about the team that will support you as an ActionCOACH.

Step 7: Contract Agreement

When you confirm this is for you, you sign the contract, make the initial investment, and become an ActionCOACH! 

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Are you ready for your next step?