Turnaround or growth, it's getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” - Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO Xerox Corporation


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Coaching has been invaluable in many areas...

“Anapaula Lagarriga of Action Coach chose our non-profit organization for its Coaching for a Cause program over a year ago. Her coaching has been invaluable in many areas – team building, time management, fund development, human resources, and organization infrastructure growth. She always finds a way to assist in creating a plan of action to resolve any issue, pushing me to think of new and different strategies. Her good humor is always evident, even when she is holding me to account for reaching goals. She has been a pleasure to work with, generous with her time and talent, and a valuable resource.”

Shawn Joost, CEO Educate Tomorrow

picture of Brendan Carlin

Our profits increased by 155% and in the last 3 months...

“In the first 5 months our profits increased by 155% and in the last 3 months we’ve made just as much profit as we did for the previous 6 months. But it’s not just about making more money, we’ve also now got more clarity about our business and where it is heading.”

Brendan & Suzanne Carlin, Prestige Lock Service

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We've increased our net profit by 35% per month...

“Just one strategy and we’ve increased our net profit by 35% per month. In fact, business has grown so much we have needed to employ 2 more staff and open an extra day just to keep up the demand… ”

Whitsunday Childcare Centre

picture of Tanner Loebel

I took about a month off in vacations...

“The tools they [ActionCOACH] gave us to record and analyze the data is what’s really helped. I wouldn’t have known anything about that if I didn’t go to ActionCOACH. We’ve really been able to put together some more books, training guides and manuals that show how to run the business, rather than just relying on me telling people how to do it. So I would take a day off here and there before ActionCOACH, but this last year I took about a month off in vacations and long weekends and that’s just been huge,”

Tanner Loebel, FOODNOW

picture of Lauren Davenport

400% year over year in revenue...

“We’ve grown from a team of about four to a team of close to thirty and are definitely growing very quickly. I was great at social media and marketing and building relationships and that’s a very, very different role from the CEO of a real business. So, I would say one of the things that the ActionCOACH Tampa Bay team really did that was huge for me is open my eyes to the depth of how complex a business can really be.”

Lauren Davenport, The Symphony Agency

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My coach is my weekly boost!

“My coach is my weekly boost! She inspires and motivates me. I have renewed confidence and drive every time we speak. My business and personal life has been completely transformed as a result of having a business coach. As an interior designer, I had lots of creativity but very little business structure. In my first year of coaching I have set up systems, understand my financials for the first time, increased my staff, work with budgets and increased my profits in 2007 by 250%! When I started coaching, I was in personal debt and now I am debt free! My coach has empowered me in every area of life, I am very grateful. Thank you!”

Charlotte Dunagan, Charlotte Dunagan Design Group

picture of Kaihan Krippendorf

What has most impressed me about having an ActionCOACH is the ability to "see" in me what I cannot see in myself...

“What has most impressed me about having an ActionCOACH is the ability to “see” in me what I cannot see myself. This might be something that is keeping me from achieving my goals or something I truly desire. Either way, I inevitably leave the session with a breakthrough.”

Kaihan Krippendorf, The Kai Method

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ActionCOACH has been very beneficial in guiding us in the right direction from all aspects of business...

“ActionCOACH has been very beneficial in guiding us in the right direction from all aspects of business.  Planning, goal setting & personal development just to name a few.  The systematic approach to every function has helped the most so your business in the future will be less dependent on you if you hold accountability. Work smarter.” 

Nate Prosser, Tallahassee Nurseries

picture of Robert A Orsillo

ActionCOACH offered me something that the Optometry practice management companies did not...

“ActionCOACH offered me something that the Optometry practice management companies did not. When I started my business I had looked into practice management companies and resources geared mainly for Optometry. I wanted something with more of a retail perspective and strong customer service approach. ActionCOACH has allowed me to take the perspective of a retailer and businessman then apply it to my profession and come up with an approach that has been very positive to my practice. In addition, my coach is easily accessible and flexible with times for my sessions, and offers a great program to enrich me personally in addition to growing my practice. He was not only a teacher, but feels like a partner in the practice, someone who offers suggestions as well as developing my ideas. Since working with my ActionCOACH my business has grown each year and I am looking forward to next year with continued growth and success. ActionCOACH has exceeded my expectations.”

Robert A. Orsillo, OD, FAAO, Orsillo Vision Care and Optical

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